Producer Subhan A. Aziz’s ‘Bas Ek Tamanna’ heading towards completion

Producer Subhan A. Aziz , Director Rahul Kapoor’s and Spark Films Entertainment present ‘Bas Ek Tamanna’, a film based in the cultural city of Lucknow and contrasting it with the high society life of Dubai which is heading towards release.

The film stars acclaimed actors such as Reema lagoo (Najma), S. M. Zaheer (Nadeem), Samit Aftab (Faraaz), Gauri Karnik (Sanah), Rituparna Sengupta (Sameera), Anjana Mumtaz (Swaleha), Vrijesh Hirjee (Chulbul), Rajan Modi (Banarsi) and Master Laeeque (Ahmed) amongst others.

The film is produced by Subhan A. Aziz and the Exeucitve producer is Kurnool Nasreen Jaffar. The film is written by Late Ali Hashmat. The music is by Onkaar and Dr. Shardul with lyrics by Manthan.

Producer Subhan A. Aziz’s says, “The film is a sensitive portrayal of the trials and tribulations of a middle class Muslim family based in Lucknow which dreams of going to Hajj. The son of the family is divided between his true love and family compulsions that force him to get into a love triangle. We have an extremely talented star cast and they have given superb performances to create a melodramatic storyline that touches the heart, mind and soul.”

The film opens in Lucknow, with a Middle-Class Muslim Family of three, where the mother, Najma is the sole earner and wishes to go for Hajj with her self-earned money, an ailing husband, Nadeem restricted to the wheelchair and their son, Faraaz works as a part time guide, till he bags a proper job. Faraaz on is on his normal spree as a guide with a few school kids and a sweet gesture of his, is noticed by a lady, who had just come to Lucknow from Dubai, Sameera. She is new to the place & likes the sweetness in this young guide. She opts for him to show her around the place. Faraaz spends the next few days with Sameera explaining her about the various historic monuments in Lucknow. She admires him all the more after they spend some time together. Her trip is about to end and just before leaving she gets to know that Faraaz was looking for a job. She thus thinks & throws him an offer – not knowing whether he would agree to go with her to Dubai on that. To her pleasant surprise Faraaz agrees to help her out. Thus she pays him a hefty advance & heads back to arrange for the visas & the other formalities. But he never mentions the truth to his family, as to what his job in Dubai was going to be and with whom.

Faraaz’s life changes after this proposal. Things are looking up for him & happiness flows from all angles. This is the time where he comes across the love of his life, Sanah a teacher in the local school. Parents are happy for the both of them & agree to get them married before Faraaz left for his job in Dubai. Little do they know the nature of the job as he had hidden the fact that a lady had offered him a job of a complex nature. Faraaz gets married to Sanah & also comes the time when Faraaz has to leave for Dubai. He still keeps his secrecy & heads towards the place that was going to change his destiny. He is welcomed in Dubai by Sameera who takes him to a big hospital to start his journey. Here we introduce a 6 year old kid sitting in a psychiatric ward playing with toys, breaking dolls from the neck & hanging them on the noose. This kid is Ahmed.

Sameera is a single parent, a very well settled business woman, but a girl with a haunting past. The doctor explains the situation to Faraaz. Letting him know that the kid was a patient of The Bipolar Disorder, a psychiatric disorder normally found in children with unnatural parental death. This starts with destructive tantrums in kids his age & leads to suicidal tendencies, at a later stage.

Sameera here explains that Faraaz should think once before they reached home because her husband had committed suicide due to inferiority complex & the kid was unaware of it – Ahmed now needed a normal father, so as to avoid medication at a later stage. Sameera couldn’t ever remarry due to her poignant past & thus needed a guy who could be trusted as the father to her son. Faraaz agrees to go ahead with the contract she had made. Papers are signed & Faraaz enters Sameera’s house as Ahmed’s father. Time passes and Ahmed becomes fond of Faraaz.

Sameera is happy that her decision was correct & so was her selection. Both Sameera & Faraaz become good friends acting as husband & wife in front of the kid. But with passing time Faraaz’s attitude towards his loved ones back in India changes & his involvement in Dubai & his changed lifestyle makes him gradually forget his past. Sameera, unaware of his past likes his involvement in her son & treats Faraaz with all the good things life there could offer. This makes him love the life he was now leading & wants to forget the past fully.

On one end Faraaz tastes the best things life could offer & on the other end his family & loved ones in India suffer. He gradually changes his contacts in order refrain from lying all the time & starts to feel that the money he had sent was enough to fill up his loss to the family. Absolutely unaware, that in the course of time his father succumbs to his ailments. Times fly & Faraaz & Sameera are happy with Ahmed oblivious of the condition of Faraaz’s family after the death of his father. But a day comes when Faraaz gets the news of his father’s death & holds Sameera responsible for hiding it from him, in fear of losing the father to her son. This hurts Sameera, who blasts out & reminds Faraaz that nothing but him had changed & he was equally responsible for the sorry state of his family & lets him leave if he wanted to. Faraaz is back with his mother & Sanah, still hiding the life he spent in Dubai & normalcy prevails once again. But Sameera faces a tough time with Ahmed, who now is all the more figity & wants his father back in his life. She is compelled to give in to his demands. Under pressure she decides to settle in Lucknow knowing nothing about Faraaz & his life back home. She wants to give it a shot talking to him & trying to get back happiness in Ahmed’s life. She comes back to Lucknow & admits Ahmed in the best school there – but this happens to be the place where Sanah teaches & all three meet. The worst part comes up when Faraaz too lands up at the same place & Ahmed runs to hug him – Sameera too is happy to find him there, as she was looking all around for Faraaz.  What happens from here on & how Sameera manages to break the ice so as to restore the peace in the lives of the lovers is what sums up the storyline. The end is being a very positive & unique one.

Nick India & Simba Toys introduce India to a brand new sport – SQUAP!

Are you bored of the same old games and are waiting to play something unique and exciting? Well, then it’s time to Squap! Nick India, the no 1 kids’ entrainment channel in association with Simba Dickie Group one of the world’s largest toy companies, is all set to introduce a very engaging and innovative toy offering, ‘Squap,’ the ultimate catch & chuck game to activate & tease your senses! Karisma Kapur, along with creators Gregor Altenburger and Urs Robustelli, unveiled this new sport that promises to take India by storm.

After creating a rage in Europe, Squap the No# 1 selling outdoor toy in Germany has now arrived in India. This hot new chuck n catch toy promises to be fun and also promises to encourage active play amongst all!  Squap is new sport; sure to excite kids and adults alike! Both, Nick India and Simba Toys believe that playtime is an opportunity not only for amusement, but also for education and physical development of children and thus introduced a toy that combined both entertainment and development.

Said Karisma Kapur, “I think it’s an awesome game. When I first saw it, I thought only Samaira is going to enjoy playing it. But eventually I just couldn’t resist joining her and we had such a blast.  It’s a fun game for kids and a great stress buster for parents “.

Added Gregor & Urs,Squap is a new & unique sport. It’s simple, easy and fun! You can play Squap at a Volleyball court, on the beach, in the garden or even in your own room… it will definitely challenge anyone’s unhealthy life. We are really happy that Nick India & Simba Toys are introducing Squap to the Indian market.

Speaking on the launch of Squap Adds Pradeep Parmar, Business Head for Simba Toys India Pvt. Ltd.,We are very excited to launch one of our most successful and educative brands and wish to gain the same popularity enjoyed elsewhere in India. Squap is an ultimate action and reflex game. Its revolutionary design is not only athletic but also promises fun and action.  Our association with Nick is a perfect platform to launch the brand that is synonymous to fun and entertainment, like Nick itself.”

Adds Sandeep Dahiya, Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd., We are excited to partner with Simba for this unique product. It’s more than just a play-thing; it’s a sport by itself and a phenomena in many markets. I am sure that Squap will not only be a hit amongst kids but will also excite adults just as much.

Meant for ages 6 years and up, the game is priced at Rs 699/- Squap is available at all leading stores including Lifestyle, Landmark, Hamleys, Timeout, Crossword, Hypercity, etc.

Wondering how you can Squap? Simply lay the ball in the orange Squap and open Squap as forcefully as you can. Watch the ball as it gets catapulted from the Squap. The ball is then caught by your opponent by clamping the Squap at the right moment. You can play it against a wall and compete with yourself or play with family and friends. Introduce new play shots – behind the back shot, over the shoulder shot, turn around and jump shot and watch as the fun quadruples! You play at a Volleyball court, on the beach, in the garden or even in your own room! A great way to encourage active play, you can Squap anytime, anywhere and everywhere!

Kinshuk Mahajan to enter Chaand Chupa Badal Mein with a special action sequence!

With the love story of Nivedita (Neha Sargam) and Siddarth (Abhishek Tiwari) reaching a high point last week in Star Plus’s and Rajan Shahi’s Chaand Chupa Badal Mein this week marks the much-awaited entry of  Kinshuk Mahajan.

Kinshuk who has been a part of Directors Kut’s  Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai makes a sensational entry in Chaand Chupa Badal Mein as the enigmatic, multi-dimensional character of Viren. He happens to be the son of Jawahar (Ashish Kapoor) and Chanchal (Payal Nair), who gets back to his family after a long time. Though he has been disconnected with family for a while, Viren is a guy who is quite possessive when it comes to his family relations.

Kinshuk Mahajan is the only lucky actor who is getting a chance to work with Star Plus and producer Rajan Shahi second time in a row and a very special and expensive action sequence has been shot for his entry in the show. Producer Rajan Shahi says, “It’s a special action sequence to present Kinshuk’s character Viren as a real life hero.  His character will take the story forward and will surely be loved by audiences the way his character was loved in Bidaai. The feedback for the show is fantastic and people want to know what is going to happen next.”
The handsome actor will sport Jackets and will have an ultra modern look in the show. He will be seen using the high speed racing bikes and will sport a signature flute in the show Kinshuk says,  “My look is very different here, unlike Ranvir who used to wear only suites. Viren plays his flute  and for this I am taking classes to know the nuances of holding the flute and playing it. I am grateful to producer  Rajan Shahi for going all out to make my entry dynamic”.


Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s  Vishesh Films, a banner known vividly for its out of ordinary films and chartbuster music is back with CROOK – ITS GOOD TO BE BAD, a bang after successful ventures with films like Jannat & Raaz The Mystery Continues. Their films always had an issue to address but in a typical Bollywood Style. This time it is the issue of Racial Discrimination with the Indians abroad and especially highlighting the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and known for giving way to the newcomers in the industry, this time too, Vishesh Films is giving break to a new girl Neha Sharma in this film. The film also casts ‘Fashion’ Boy Arjan Bajwa. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film has all the elements to make it masses’ film- Romance, Fun, Action, Thrill and of course an issue, which sums it all. The entire cast and crew inclusive of actors Emraan Hashmi, Neha Sharma, Arjan Bajwa, Director Mohit Suri and Producer Mahesh Bhatt interacted with media at a press conference in Mumbai on Sep 29, 2010. Crook is releasing on 8th Oct, 2010.

Anusha Mani sings for Farhan Akhtar’s forthcoming film GAME

Anusha Mani, a young and talented beauty born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Calling her a singer with X factor would not be an irony, as apart from being a health conscious person she is also a dedicated Karnatic music artist. A Bachelor in Commerce from Mumbai University, she has always aspired to become a singer since her childhood and has been getting her training in music since then.

She started singing professionally for plays when she was in 2nd year of college. She has sung for various Gujarati plays before she entered Bollywood. Amit Trivedi, music director of “Dev D” had made a music album with her which was never released. However she got her first break in Bollywood mainstream singing in year 2007 due to this album only. As when Shankar Mahadevan was looking for a female voice for the song “Dhokha…” for “Johnny Gaddaar”, she went ahead and played this album. Within two days after that she got a call from his office asking her if she would want to sing a song for the movie. The song “Dil mein jaage armaan aise” from “Dev D” sung by Anusha, is also from the same untitled album by Amit Trivedi. There is no looking back since then. She has also recorded an album “Junoon” with Abhijeet Sawant of Indian Idol fame, where she had written and sang two songs. Since then she sang a many songs which went on to become chart busters after they released.

Anusha did playback vocals for many hit songs like “Lazy Lamhe” from “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic”, “Lehrein” from Aisha & “Baaware se puchhe” from “Hum Tum Aur Ghost” to her credit. Being associated with the Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy team, she has done a lot of work with them. The latest project in her hand is Farhan Akhtar’s next movie titled “Game” starring Abhishek Bachhan which is slated to release by January 2011.

Anusha Mani has a lot of projects coming her way which are in discussion stage right now. The talented singing Diva  has definitely got a long way to go and is carefully & gradually carving her way to success in the industry.

First Marathi Film with 24 Songs ‘Bokad’

Shooting of Hema Films Marathi film ‘Bokad’ recently completed. It is the first Marathi film with 24 songs. The film is being produced by well known businessman Anil Dev and Cameraman Manu Sawant and directed by Pravin Raja Karle.

Star cast includes Sayaji Shinde, Kishore Kadam, Vinay Aapte, Priya Berde, Amey Wagh, Rajni Deshphratar, Rahul Salve, Uday Sabnis, Sharad Ponshe, Megha Ghade, Hemangi Rao along with debutant actors who were chosen from 20 colleges of Mumbai, Pune & Kolhapur

Story : Rahul Salve

Sceenplay-Dialogues : Bhalchandra Kubal

Executive Producer : Pritam Dev

Lyrics : Ashok Baghve

Editor : Sachin Natekar

Music : Avdhoot Gupte

Singers : Avdhoot Gupte, Swanand Kirkire, Swapnil Bandodkar, Amruta Subash & Janhvi

Choreography : Narendra Pandit

Marathi film ‘Bayko Aanli Badlun’ Shooting Completed

The shooting of first Marathi venture “Bayko Aanli Badlun” under banner Saagar Creations is completed. The film is being Produce by Sharad Baagla and directed by famous Hindi film director Rajkumar Baagla. The film  is a comedy flick. Story written by Sunil Kandhare. Songs sung by Uttara Kelkar, Anand Shinde, Neha Rajpal under the music direction of Sandeep Rokade. Songs are penned by Sunil Bhandera and Sudesh Kamble. Choregraphy by Pravin Baaricha.

Star cast includes Aniket Kelkar, Shekhar Bhosle, Karishma Paanwalkar, Kashmira Kulkarni, Sunil Godbole, Suchitra Sawant and Kasturi Sarang.

Pre-Navratri Dandiya with Sanjeev Darshan

Smt. Priyavandana Rajendra Shah Charitable and Educational Trust has organized Meera’s Navratri Mahotsav at Chandan Kunj (Malpani Ground), Borivali, Mumbai from 8th to 17th October. Organiser Vipul Shah has kept a special pre-navratri Dandiya on 6th October with blessings of music director Shravan. His sons Sanjeev and Darshan will play the beats with singer Manisha Savla. Like father the duo brother has given few hits. Their forthcoming films are Sanjay Dutt-Irfan Khan starrer Knock Out and Dharmendra, Sunny, Bobby Deol starrer Yamla Pagala Deewana.

Nikhil Sinha aims big with Triangle Film Company

Director-turned-producer Nikhil Sinha of Triangle Film Company is on a high this month with his production house’s debut offering ‘Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho’, a never seen before female protagonist saga on Indian television screens, airing on NDTV Imagine channel. Triangle Film Company, a sole proprietorship of Nikhil Sinha, was conceptualized this year with the sole purpose of making unique concept shows for Indian television as well as differentiated content for various media. He has also directed a movie called ‘Alha-Udal’ which is going to hit the silver screen soon.

Commenting on their unique approach, Director-turned-Producer Nikhil Sinha says, “Triangle Film Company will take entertainment on Indian television to a new level by providing innovative ideas in a variety of genres to reach to the maximum audience across the nation. We intend to provide the best quality product for television driven by great creative ideas. The company aims to use the expertise and experience of creative and business-minded professionals to carve a unique niche in the industry.”

‘Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho’ is an extraordinary story that is told in an extraordinary manner. ‘Bharati’ is by far the most unique female lead character to have ever appeared on TV. Talking about the theme of the serial Nikhil says, “What makes ‘Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho’ stand apart is the story line. It is told through the perspective of a kind and talented young girl, who faces rejection because of the way she looks. However she does not give up hope and continues to have a never-say-die attitude. We’ve added a great amount of believability and credibility to the story with our selection of the young woman who essays Bharati’s role! It’s a wonderful, emotional, heart-wrenching, entertaining new drama that will breathe new freshness into your prime-time viewing!” He adds, “The biggest asset of this show is the simplicity with which the role of Bharati has been portrayed by an ordinary girl with no formal training in acting. Her emotions come straight from her heart since she deals with such situations in her routine life as well. Bharati’s character will completely stand out compared to all other GEC female protagonists.”


Mr. Nikhil Sinha is a very well known Director and Director of Photography (DoP). He has a huge body of work behind him that makes him a very respectable and trusted figure in the industry. Nikhil Sinha started his career as a DoP and did a series of successful shows like – Hatim (Star Plus), Hotel Kingston (Star One), Saat Phere (Zee TV), Piya Ka Ghar (Zee TV), Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai (Zee TV), Kkusum (Sony TV), and Star Best Sellers (Star Plus). He then graduated to become both- Director and DoP and captained another long series of Televisions Shows, viz. Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam (Colors), Jhansi Ki Rani (Zee TV), Jai Shri Krishna (Colors), Prithvi Raj Chauhan (Star Plus), Aladin (Zee TV), Dharam Veer (NDTV Imagine), and Lucky (Star Plus).


•        Won 3 ITA Awards for Hatim

•        Won ITA Award for Star Best Sellers for Best Cinematography

•        Won 1 Telly Award for Best Cinematography for the show (plz write the name)

•        Nominated for the category BEST DIRECTOR for the show Jai Shri Krishna at ITA Award Function

•        Nominated for the category BEST DIRECTOR for the show Pruthvi Raj Chauhan at ITA Award Function